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Task Management Powerhouse

Gain clarity and learn how to maximize your sports business sales, marketing, and daily tasks with a Trello template and video guides from the founders of Sports Checklist.

7 Figures +

In revenue

1M +

In ad spend


Lack of clarity, poor communication, and missed deadlines were our challenges starting out, and we tried it all – Slack groups, meetings, and nearly every task management software.

Fast forward, we have developed a system that works flawlessly managing 100s of tasks monthly, and we’re giving a guided template of it to business owners like you.

This system has been successfully used by fitness coaches, clothing brands, supplement companies and more.


Focus on activities that have an impact

After a decade in the sports industry, we have, humbly, seen what it takes to beat the competition, and get results.

Experience in global markets

With offices and teams located in Europe, UAE, and the US, we know what it takes to scale brands to global leaders.

Covering all business needs to scale

From branding and development to content and marketing. We can take you from zero to hero.

Historic data and market knowledge

We have served 100s of clients all over the world. We have the track record and knowledge to support your business goals.

What’s In It?

“What am I actually getting?”

Productivity Framework

It’s more than just another productivity secret, it’s a refined system based on years of experience.

🚀 A unified system to manage your sports business 

🚀 An intuitive solution with a low learning curve

🚀 From small teams to multiple departments

Video Guidance

Sports Checklist founders will guide you in implementing this framework into your business. 

🚀 How to use the framework

🚀 Best practices for automating briefing, communication, and reporting

🚀 A big-picture view of managing teams and clients located across the world


You will get a pre-built Trello template that you can tailor to your own needs.

🚀 Manage your team and tasks in one place

🚀 Set tasks and deadlines, and easily track progress

🚀 The template scales in sync with your business

World-class Team

You’re not investing in just a generic template, but learning from an agency that actually uses it daily.

🚀 7-figure track record & over a decade of experience

🚀 Experienced conference guests and educators

🚀 Advanced mentorship available (contact us)


What's included in the free checklist?

The Task Management Powerhouse, refined by our team of 12+ professionals, is a valuable resource for managing and scaling brands in the sports industry. It's based on a pre-built Trello template that can be infinitely scaled and tailored to the number of people in your team, the volume of tasks, and the number of clients (if applicable).

It's an all-in-one-place system that allows you to automate briefing, communication, and reporting, so you and your team can always stay on top of the tasks - removing "feeling stuck", communication challenges, or struggle to meet deadlines.

The template also includes video guidance from the founders of Sports Checklist, so you're not investing in just another generic template, but learning from an agency that successfully uses it daily.

What happens after the free trial?

If you find value in the checklist during the free 30-day trial, you are welcome to upgrade to an extension of the checklist - a complete course on how to set up and manage marketing and sales systems for a business in the sports industry. 

Together, with the checklist, you'll receive a link to our calendar, and you're welcome to inquire about our paid materials and services any time.

The checklist was designed to show that we know what we're doing.

Sports Checklist

We help entrepreneurs and brands grow and scale their businesses in the sports industry.

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